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Mistress MoXi | CBD of Sydney | Seeking Devoted Submissives and Wealthy Swine



Published on 23 Jan 2024

Name Mistressmoxi
Gender Female
Age 33y
Nationality 🌏 Asian

Mistress MoXi | Sydney City CBD | Seeking Devoted Submissives and Financial Slaves Have you ever pondered why you possess a submissive nature, yearning for a dominant Asian female to control, dominate, and degrade you? Yet, the women in your life fail to comprehend or show any interest. If it takes two to dance, then why were you created this way by a higher power? Fear not, my submissive companion, for that same higher power also created me - Mistress MoXi. I am an innate sadist who discovered from a young age that I had a desire to inflict pain and assert dominance over boys. Now, as a woman, that passion has been channeled into the world of Femdom BDSM. My craving to dominate and manipulate men knows no bounds – I will possess your mind, body, and soul. I am utilizing this platform to seek devoted submissives and financial slaves who are willing to serve and please me. Do you aspire to be my submissive companion, my obedient plaything, my loyal pet? Then carefully peruse my profile... Do not be deceived by my timeless East Asian beauty and demure Geisha-like demeanor. Concealed beneath my long, flowing black locks and polite smile lies a merciless savage. I derive pleasure from enslaving men with restraints and chains, transforming them into my personal toy, my obedient canine, and riding them like a steed. By the time I am finished with you, escape will be an impossibility. Nothing excites me more than subjecting naughty boys to a merciless whipping and indulging in wicked CBT. If you prove yourself to be a compliant good boy, I may reward you with the privilege of worshiping my feet and body, and perhaps even more. However, do not mistake this as a true reward, for nothing captivates me more than witnessing the transcendental anguish of men as they wince during post-orgasm torment. Should you be fortunate enough to serve me, you will experience a potent blend of helplessness, humiliation, masochism, and arousal. You will become addicted, forever remembering the moment you had no choice but to kneel before me.

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