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Exotic dance and relaxation delivered to your doorstep or enjoying it within Belmont.



Published on 5 Feb 2024

Name Anisa Sage 0
Gender Female
Age 29y
Nationality 🇦🇺 Aussie

Exotic dance and soothing massage delivered to your doorstep or available in Belmont. All of my pictures are authentic, ensuring your satisfaction. I guarantee it! I am well-presented and possess smooth, velvety caramel skin. I possess an irresistible smile, a delectable curvaceous figure, and a captivating gaze that will leave you weak. I am vibrant, youthful, and unique. My personality is effervescent, fostering genuine conversations and meaningful connections. I thoroughly enjoy engaging in intelligent, stimulating discussions with my admirers. With a smile that captivates and a tender, sensual touch, you will soon discover my wild side. It is true to say that I derive immense pleasure from sexual intimacy. I am professional and poised when necessary, effortlessly transitioning into a passionate lover. I am a sociable individual who delights in meeting both regular and new clients for incall, outcall, domestic, and international encounters. I possess a humble demeanor that resonates with individuals like yourself. All of my pictures are authentic, ensuring your satisfaction. I guarantee it! A few of my kind-hearted gentlemen acquaintances have shared their reviews of me, which are displayed below. So come and see me, and you will not be disappointed. Review from XXXXXXXXX - 26 Dec 2022 (9:21pm Perth time): The first time I booked Anisa. She welcomed me at the door, dressed in a seductive, revealing pink ensemble. Before I could even step inside, she pulled me close and planted a passionate French kiss on my lips. I certainly had no complaints. Once that door closed, things escalated quickly. She possesses a seductive gaze, delightful breasts, a fantastic derriere, and a delectable taste. I highly recommend her. Trust me, you will not be disappointed when you book her. Two thumbs up. Ps. And she gives incredible oral pleasure as well. Reviewed By Phil - 03 Jan 2023 (11:12pm Perth time): Anisa is a fun and outgoing woman who I have had the pleasure of seeing multiple times. Each experience with her surpasses the last. Thank you, Anisa, for being so alluring! Reviewed by Jason - 9:54am Thank you so much, babe xx You are an absolutely amazing woman. I am grateful to have met you and hear your incredible story. I look forward to catching up soon, babe xxx I truly had an incredible time with you last night, babe. I apologize for not being able to take you out for dinner or lunch, but we will do so next time, babe. Have a fantastic day and stay strong because you are an extraordinary person, babe xx Definitely a deal, babe xxx A very beautiful and caring individual with a bubbly personality. I would love to get to know you better, babe xxx We both have that infectious smile :D because it's effortless to smile and laugh when you connect with someone special, babe xxx Reviewed By Tandin 26/9/2022 12:25am From Perth Western Australia (AU) Oh my goodness, she is incredible. I highly recommend her. Reviewed By Jamie Barnes 8/9/2022 10:55pm From Perth Western Australia (AU) Anisa is incredibly sexy, possesses the most stunning smile, and has a sizzling body to match. She is very accommodating and aims to please according to your preferences.

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