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29 Apr 2022

Beautiful Australian girl is an expert in offering sensual and sexual relief!

Your beautiful late-30's Australian Sexy, Sultry, and Experienced Companion, Demi Luxe. For over a decade, the adult industry has been a successful part of my life. On our first meeting, you'll notice my friendly face, piercing eyes, and welcoming smile.   I am very gifted in the art of human interaction and am one of those few people who are comfortable with anyone in any setting. After our meeting, you will feel relaxed, at ease, and full of new energy. My ideal client is a discerning gentleman over 35 who is curious, insightful, and emotionally intelligent—real men who value quality and substance and enjoy fleeting moments. Respect for one another allows for lustful moments of passion and wonder. Ultimately, I want to exceed your expectations and improve your present moment. You won't see me taking photos to post on social media or promoting our time together because I am fully present. I am modest and do not need to brag. I am not good at social media because it lacks intimacy. I only like men and prefer one-on-one interactions. I am selective in my company as I create moments and am mindful of my happiness in life. I am a happily single woman with no distractions. My lifestyle is one of health and happiness. I keep my body fit by eating well and exercising, and my soul by learning and laughing. I always have manicured nails, silky smooth skin, clean, healthy hairstyles, and a fashion style balancing sex appeal and elegance. As a sexually confident woman at ease in her skin, I enjoy dressing to suit and flaunting my curves. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you seek a truly unique and stunning woman to tame the beast within you. Under my old pseudonym, 80% of my past lovers were repeat clients. My interests include philosophy, history, conspiracies, integrative health, cryptocurrency, quantum physics, and self-development. Positive, creative, and passionate things fascinate me. Amazingly Démi-Lux "Sex is natural. I follow nature. "Ms Monroe   Please note that local prices on the Sunshine Coast are different from touring costs, so please check the appropriate touring page.   It's now possible to FLY ME! Several mentions Please do not haggle. Payment can be made in cash or by bank transfer. Deposits are required for two-hour bookings. Please respect my time; I am a generous and kind person, but your appointment time is mine. Take note. Respect my privacy as you do. Please don't offer me drugs or cigarettes. Enjoy me. I am a breath of fresh air. I promise you won't be disappointed. High energy, foreplay, playfulness, and multiple positions. Ask me anything, but don't be rude; my service is far superior. I have reasons for this. Please respect my luxury apartment by dressing appropriately. For both of us to enjoy our time together, we need to be clean. Please be clean and odourless. Showers are available.

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