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Sexually insatiable finance student



Published on 21 Jan 2024

Name Elle Maran
Gender Female
Age 22y
Nationality 🇦🇺 Aussie

Greetings, I'm delighted that you're here. My name is Elle, and I'm a student studying finance and also work as a model. I was raised in both a farm located in Victoria's high country and the luxurious hotels of Singapore and San Diego. Growing up in this duality has shaped me into a refined yet laid-back individual. I possess a polite demeanor, but don't be fooled, as I also have a wicked sense of humor. You'll discover that I am a sophisticated young woman with a tantalizing secret that I'm eager to share. I have an insatiable addiction to pleasure. It brings me great satisfaction to witness your arousal as we engage in conversation over a meal. I provide stimulating discussions and fully absorb your words. As I sip my cocktail, my lips teasingly graze the rim, and my eyes, filled with anticipation, gaze up at you. Nothing excites me more than being slowly undressed, with your lips teasingly tracing the seams of my lingerie. I yearn for the sensation of being licked through the fabric until you can taste me. It would be delightful if you were to pleasure me with my panties pulled down to my knees or to the side. They are simply too beautiful to remove, and why wait any longer to feel your touch... However, let's not rush ahead of ourselves. I am the sweet girl next door who has lived many lives. I naturally exude elegance and am the perfect companion for any occasion or event you may have. I am the dinner date that turns heads and stimulates your mind, the mischievous playmate who leaves you daydreaming all week... I adore dressing elegantly and femininely for my dates, wearing my favorite little dresses, skirts, lingerie, and heels. However, you'll find that I am most comfortable in my own skin. I prioritize my well-being by maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise, ensuring that my body is always in prime condition for our enjoyment. I yearn for hands around my slender waist, your kisses on my neck, and to be consumed by engaging conversation before succumbing to our primal desires. I crave adventure, connection, delectable cocktails, moonlit dinners, luxurious sheets, and the enchantment that lies between them. Let's discover those moments together... My Areas of Expertise - The following types of dates are the ones I specialize in. I always prioritize quality over quantity and am highly selective in choosing the gentlemen I spend time with.

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