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Published on 20 Nov 2023

Name Estelle Lucas
Gender Female
Age 25y
Nationality 🇸🇦 Arabic

Please take note that I offer exclusive rates for my existing clients who are interested in filming for my Onlyfans (with all rights owned by me). If you're interested, please send me an SMS. I am Estelle Lucas and my purpose is to explore intimacy with you. To you, I may seem unfamiliar yet familiar, as I represent the feminine energy that balances your masculine side and helps you discover unexplored aspects of yourself. I am your partner, your accomplice, and I bring your deepest desires to life. I consider my time with you as a form of art. I fully embrace my femininity and express it through every action. From the way I walk with my heart leading, to the way I attentively listen and truly hear what you have to say. I am committed to expressing my femininity and I surrender this expression to you. I have dedicated years to shaping and refining myself into the best woman I can be. I offer you an opportunity to experience how my presence can enhance your life and ignite your soul. Beauty is an essential part of who I am, and you won't be able to help but be captivated by it. By observing me, you will witness how much I enjoy sharing my grace, and you will find yourself at ease in my presence. I radiate a sense of comfort and presence with every touch, glance, and interaction. There is never a dull moment when you're with me. I have extensive experience as a woman, deep intuition, and I adapt to your needs. I am the adventurous lover, the nurturing confidant, the insightful partner, the loving girlfriend, the discreet escort, and the bold companion. I have lived my life to the fullest and I share it with you. In person, I have a joyful expression, striking cheekbones, curious lips, and eyes so captivating that you'll be lost in them for days. I am responsive to touch and crave it like a flower craves the sun. My body fits perfectly against yours, like the final piece of a puzzle. I yearn for my body to be touched, to feel hands perfectly molded around my breasts, and to let out moans of pleasure. And I will gladly reciprocate. As one of Australia's esteemed escorts, I am highly regarded as an independent escort of high class. You don't have to look far to understand why my reputation precedes me. I invite you to discover why I am not just another escort in Melbourne. My

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