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*The lady of authority has come back. Form a queue, promiscuous one.*



Published on 18 Nov 2023

Name Ms Glamour Grave
Gender Female
Age 40y

Welcome back, my submissive. Stand in line, you worthless individual. I prioritize appointments with gentlemen, ladies, LGBTQ+ individuals, polite clients, longer sessions, masochists, and service bottoms. I am also trained to work with clients with disabilities (Touching Base). XX Greetings, pitiful companion. I am Ms Glamour Grave, a timeless American beauty with a sinister twist. I am a sadistic Mistress and a sensually inclined fetishist, originating from the untamed California desert. My time here is limited, so don't miss your opportunity to serve me. I have received formal training and appreciate both experienced submissives and eager beginners. I take pleasure in meeting my playmates where they are and pushing them towards their erotic boundaries. Embracing the sacred essence of the ordinary and the perverse is what keeps me engaged in the world of kink. I thoroughly enjoy female superiority, strict protocols, being served, marking my submissive, receiving gifts (both requested and unexpected), worship, compliments, granting permission, patience, training, obedience, good behavior, and utilizing my submissive's body for my own pleasure. I possess skills and experience in most areas of BDSM, and my collection of tools and toys ranges from playful to intense. My ideal BDSM/fetish client possesses a curious and courageous mind, displays good manners, and exists to serve and adore my exquisite body and spirit. If you anticipate my needs, you may be rewarded with a satisfied Mistress. Working with couples brings me pleasure. As a sex and kink educator, I take pride in assisting you and your partner in learning and growing together. Enthusiastic consent, discretion, safe play, and mutual respect are the foundations of all my interactions with clients. I am an inclusive Mistress and am open to playing with individuals of all genders, body types, ages (18+), ethnicities, abilities, and experience levels. I have received training in working with clients with disabilities through Touching Base. I operate from a private, discreet, and exquisite incall location in North Hobart. If you prefer an outcall, I am also available to see clients at 4 and 5-star hotels in the CBD (taxi costs must be covered). I have a limited number of appointments available. I prioritize sessions with regular clients, longer sessions, serious kink enthusiasts, gentlemen, women, and LGBTQ+ individuals. I am genuinely bisexual. If you wish to capture my attention and receive a prompt response,

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