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28 Jul 2022

Art of Intimacy byChloe Lisbon

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450704554 Art of Intimacy byChloe Lisbon

Art of Intimacy As a warm-hearted and confident woman who has always embraced her natural sensuality, it is no surprise that I thrive in this environment. I am innately drawn to connecting with others, so I have made pleasure my life’s pursuit. Intimacy is an art, and it’s a delight to call it mine. In contrast to my unbridled sexual prowess, I have a welcoming and sweet demeanour. Quirky and candid, yet refined and thoughtful. Kind and delicate, yet as fiery as the fantasies you wish to satiate. Mature yet playful, and everything in between. My soft porcelain skin is supple and peppered with pint-sized tattoos, and while my delicate pixie features are natural, I have an elusive alternative edge. Rich green eyes with a twinkle of mischief, framed by long dark locks with an unexpected pop of colour. Think girl-next-door with an unconventional twist – just enough to make you feel something. My sparkling appearance, paired with my open and honest nature, will allow you to discard your inhibitions… Let’s not forget this is an adventure for two. Imagine the perfect first date: we chat, connect, flirt. We giggle over a glass of wine, a tumbler of gin, my limber legs wrapped around you, our laughter contagious. We explore each other from the mind down. Fiery kisses, a magnetic rhythm pulsing between us, a pull that knows no bounds. Allow yourself to be mine for a little while. I'm a versatile creature and can effortlessly transform from chic dinner companion to devious harlot, depending on the occasion. That being said, you should be warned that I have a predilection for deep connections. I want to hear about your last weekend away, your favourite film, the book you can’t stop reading. Tell me what makes you tick… And what makes you squirm with pleasure. Whether it's for a moment's welcome escape, a wild afternoon or a decadent evening for two, let’s paint the town red.

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