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19 May 2022

Louella De Lune

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Blonde Bombshell available on the Gold Coast and Brisbane A Touch of Class! Hello gentleman, my name is Louella and it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m a size 6 tanned blonde bombshell with natural curves in all the right places and gym-toned in all the rest. An Australian/Californian princess with a down to earth attitude and an appetite for world travel and adventure. With my wings currently clipped I’m looking for some local adventure so thought I’d put myself out there and see if any of you lovely gentleman would like to join me? So, what might we get up to? Well as long as I’m treated with respect and courtesy, I’m up for just about anything. So ask away and let’s see if we’re on the same page. In the meantime, let me tell you about the most unexpected adventure I had recently to give you an idea of how spontaneous I can be. So, I’d been pleasuring myself at home all afternoon with my toys (hehe sometimes a girl’s best friend) and before I knew it, I was so worn out I fell asleep with my Wee-Vibe bullet vibrator inside me. When I woke up I saw I was late to meet my girlfriends at our favourite bar. I quickly dressed, threw on my makeup, and headed out the door completely forgetting the vibrator was still inside me (they make them so darn comfortable it’s easy to forget). I get to the bar and head to the ladies to quickly freshen up and of course because I’m late I trip, and my bag and contents go flying across the floor. But some lovely people helped me gather all my things together (or so I thought). Then I meet my girlfriends and I’m just about to sip my margarita when bzzzzz off goes the Wee-Vibe! It took every bit of self-control I could muster not to spit my drink out on everyone. “What the hell?” I thought, “how did that happen?” Well, I was stuck now as I’d just arrived and couldn’t get up and go to the bathroom again to take it out. Luckily it stopped anyway, so I took another sip of my margarita and bzzzz off it goes again, but this time even stronger! I crossed my legs instantly to try and dampen the sensation but omg it did feel so good. And then the setting on the Wee-Vibe changed from continuous buzz to pulsating. I was in the middle of a sentence and my girlfriends were watching me as I started cumming while trying to make myself not. What the hell was going on? And then it hit me, the remote must have been in my bag and when I’d spilled it someone had picked it up and knew exactly what it was, and I was now at their mercy, and they were merciless! Time and again they brought me to the brink of orgasm and then turned it off. I could’ve screamed with the frustration of it. Plus, I was in a real dilemma, because of the sensation I desperately wanted to explode but at the same time because of where I was, I desperately didn’t want to and embarrass myself. I’d never been in anything like this situation. I’m usually in total control of what’s going on for me and now all of a sudden, I wasn’t. I scanned the bar trying to find who was doing this to me. And there sitting on his own at a table across the room was this guy in a suit with his arms under the table smiling straight at me. We locked eyes and he played that Wee-Vibe perfectly driving me right to the point of cumming and then stopping it just as I was about to tip over. I had to make him stop or I was going to go insane with frustration. “Hey, I’ve just spotted one of my work colleagues” I lied to my girlfriends. “I just need to speak to him”. And before anyone could respond I was up and out of my seat desperately trying to steady my jelly legs while he wound up the vibration as I approached him. “You look a little unsteady on your feet” he said with an infuriating smile “better take a seat”. All the while he continued playing the Wee-Vibe I couldn’t speak. But my eyes were pleading with him to let me explode in pleasure. Eventually he said “now” and turned the vibe up to max. And I had one of the most intense cums of my life, all the more so because I couldn’t move or thrash like I usually do. He waited and then before I could speak, he pulled his arms up from beneath the table and handed me the remote. “Yours I think?” he said with a cocked eyebrow. Before I could reply he got up and with a slight nod said, “Been a pleasure” and then he turned and walked out of the bar. I couldn’t follow him because I could see my girlfriends staring at me, so I walked back to them and as I sat down, they all leaned towards me. “What was that about?” they said, but by now I’d recovered myself. “Nothing” I said and shrugged, “just work”. So now all my girlfriends think I really love my work. Well, I guess that’s’ true actually. If they only knew the “work” I really get up to ;) So, who’s up for taking me to drinks or dinner? Or maybe just desserts? And from there just imagine the fun we’ll have?

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