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27 Jul 2022

Australian Mature Escort -Beth Monroe

Hello, my name is Beth, and I'm your favorite blonde. I'll make an effort to keep my introduction brief. I've been referred to as 'the best,' and my service reflects my years of experience, which you'll find passionate, cheeky, and occasionally ravenous. It gives me great pleasure to provide a slow seduction that is both private and risqué...everyone enjoys a good secret, and I can be yours. I take pride in my appearance, though I'm not obsessed with my image, my body, or my make-up like some people are. The emotional maturity, witty sense of humour, and open communication style that you will find in me will surprise you! In my spare time, I enjoy meditation, hiking, and reading. I strive to live a peaceful life and to be grateful and connected to others. Because of my inquisitive nature, I sometimes end up on a more dangerous path. I enjoy wearing latex and the hedonistic pleasures that often accompany it; bondage, blindfolds, pegging...fulfilling your fantasies is what really gets me going, and I enjoy having complete control over the situation. If you're unsure or nervous about trying something new but want to push your vanilla boundaries, I'm happy to recommend activities for first-time adventurers. I would appreciate it if you could send me a polite email or text message outlining your preferred day, time, and length of companionship you require. If you can introduce yourself briefly, it will be easier to determine whether or not I am the right companion for you in the future. I prefer to pay you a visit at your hotel, but if this is not possible, I can arrange a time and place for us to meet. On tour, I am in charge of incalls. Beth Monroe is a woman who lives in the United States.

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