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Australian luxury escort agency U8ANGELS


Sydney | Burwood

Published on 27 Jan 2024

Name U8BABIES000
Gender Female
Age 42y
Nationality 🇦🇺 Aussie

Australian luxury companion agency U8ANGELS Australian luxury companion agency U8ANGELSOffer services: casual outcall companionship for tourists, upscale business, chaperoning for young women, KTV dinner, online influencer networking Prices: $600 per hour, $1100 for 2 hours, $4000 for overnighthttps://u8angels.comWeChat: u8angels2SMS: 0405794038  🌟 Costume/Dress-Up Service Now Available! 🌟Exciting news! Our costume/dress-up service is now accepting reservations! 👗 Explore Our Costume/Dress Selection:https://www.u8angels.com/outfitsDiscover our amazing outfits by visiting our page: HOW TO RESERVE Booking your dress-up experience is simple. Just follow these steps:Reservation Format: Girl's Name:Time:Preferred Dress: Next, choose the dress you wish to reserve. Please send us a photo or the name of the dress.Please note that our dress-up service requires a minimum booking of one hour. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate bookings of 30 minutes.To confirm your reservation, we require an additional $50 deposit, which is included in the total price. Therefore, the total cost for one hour, including the deposit, is $650 ($600 for one hour of service and a $50 deposit). Get ready to shine at your event with our exceptional dress-up service! 🎉

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