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24 Jul 2022

Sexy Readhead Charli is nasty in bed!

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478037639 Sexy Readhead Charli is nasty in bed!

A fiery redhead Need I say more? Oh mister (or miss), I'm Charli, and I think being a natural redhead speaks for itself, but this place makes me elaborate so... I'm here for you and me. I’m selfish but selfless. Let me explain. I am a very sexual and sensual person, so getting you off gets me off. I get no greater satisfaction than watching your toes curl, eyes shut, and breathing intensify. I’m more submissive but can definitely take control thanks to my fiery nature. Just be warned. This means I like it soft, hard, and everywhere in between. I can tell you how incredible you are or how pathetic you are, depending on what you like, but I will never lie. I won’t fake laughing at your jokes or orgasm, but I will tell you what to do so you make me orgasm again and again and again. And in return, it makes you orgasm twice as much. I'm studying, well traveled and love to learn, so we won’t get bored. I could talk for hours about my sexuality and how important it is to me, but send a message and you’ll find out. I'm in my mid-20s and am a mix of Scottish and German descent. I’m athletic but curvy. My breasts are perky and a handful. My ass, however, is more than a handful and I continue to grow it each day. El natural, of course. Personally, I think I look better naked, but I’m eager to show you my lingerie. I have long red hair, piercings but no tattoos, and fair skin. I have never met anyone who resembles myself, and I love this. My personality is playful, honest, and my banter is my favourite trait. Others have said my best trait is my ability to draw people to me. If you’ve read this far, it must be true. PRE-BOOKING -I pride myself on quality, hygiene, and discretion and expect the same from you in return. From the moment we meet, nothing exists but us and endless possibilities. should be met outside of this. We are total strangers. I also won’t initiate our time together. You are my boss. All first-time bookers will go through a screening process. Please remember that your privacy and safety are just as important as mine. I look forward to learning how to curl your toes.

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