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27 May 2022

Seductive Florence is waiting for you!Come!

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402370745 Seductive Florence is waiting for you!Come!

Hi, curious one. You're right where you need to be; shall we get better acquainted? I'm Florence. A fae force of nature who very much intends to hold you under her spell. I travel often and find it hard to lay down roots for good in any one place, but right now I've made my home in Meanjin (Brisbane). My muses are science, art, and activism, and they lead my life down a twisting, overgrown garden path where maybe I just might meet someone like you, half concealed behind some wandering vine covered in passionflowers. What caught your eye? Was it the ruby cascade of my hair? Was it the blue and green watercolour art on my skin? Was it the hint of a cheeky smile topped with ice blue eyes? I'm a small-town girl who has learned how to thrive in the city, collecting hobbies, library books, and café loyalty cards to squirrel away for a rainy day (or one that may see me with no change for a hot drink). I enjoy surprises and quirky dates; I'm just as at home in a pottery class or climbing gym as I am at the theatre or a Michelin-starred restaurant. I seek out lovers who are cerebral and interesting, favouring lasting connections over brief trysts, and I curate my client list accordingly. Attraction, to me, is about far more than the visual; when you blindfold a person, their other senses heighten, too-why waste your time with vision alone? Connection, authenticity, and kindness are crucial to an encounter. You will find that I am an enthusiastic and eager partner.

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