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19 Aug 2022

petite naughty Faye is in town!

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480304542 petite naughty Faye is in town!

Petite, Naughty, and Delicious Escape to an exciting, sultry paradise... I am originally from California, USA, and I moved to Australia when I was quite young. I have lived in Queensland, Perth, Adelaide, and now I frequent the beautiful grounds of Melbourne. Despite my cute exterior, my services are wildly passionate and simmer into the time only dreamed of. I strive to create moments for us where we are completely in sync, both physically and mentally. My ultimate goal is to make you forget about all your problems, to become so engrossed in my sensual state that the outside world fades away (and with my unique features and curvaceous body gifted from my mixed Vietnamese/American heritage, you'll find that a lot easier than expected). My dark wavy hair and perfectly shaped natural breasts will make you dizzy, and my delicious scent will further entice you. When you're with me, escape is always much closer. My experience is a mind-blowing, fist-clenching experience in the sheets that you'll remember for days, followed by teasing banter and heart-warming aftercare (post-sex cuddles are my specialty). You'll find my gentle demeanor enlightening, as will my easygoing laugh. Sex can be both erotic and passionate, but it can also be a lot of fun! I can transform from next-door cutie to wild naughty temptress in an instant, teasing you until you can't take it anymore. You'll be pleasantly surprised by my sadistic nature and delighted by my amusing conversation. Or if you want to have a more lighthearted, easygoing, and wholesome time, I'm your girl:) If you're brave enough to seek me out, don't be afraid to contact me and see if you can handle my ravenous ways for yourself. I take pride in treating my clients with the same respect and care that I expect to be shown.

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