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šŸ‡¦šŸ‡ŗ Aussie Escorts in Sydney: 491110919 - Tall, sporty, blue-eyed ginger with natural red hair

Tall, sporty, blue-eyed ginger with natural red hair



Published on 12 Apr 2024

Name Ella Delacroix 0
Gender Female
Age 20y
Nationality šŸ‡¦šŸ‡ŗ Aussie

Hello everyone, I'm Ella - a tall, athletic, blue-eyed natural redhead from Europe. And yes, my complexion is so pale that even in the darkest room, I stand out - I emit a glow in the darkness :) I hope you enjoy my photos, let me know which ones are your favorites. I'm extremely adventurous and playful. I am also very affectionate and embody the genuine "girl next door" type. The combination of my Deluxe Experience with C*MSW is absolutely incredible (literally, it may be too much for those with heart conditions ;)). Based on the feedback I've received, I can guarantee that you have never experienced anything as pleasurable as what I offer. Additionally, I have two stunning girlfriends here on Scarlet: Elle Petite and Quinn Tessential. So, if the idea of a duo or trio of sophisticated, passionate, and eager young women excites your imagination, then look no further. I am a versatile companion for any occasion. I hold double degrees in the sciences. I adore traveling and I must say that Australia has truly captured my heart - I can't wait to explore more of this beautiful country. Now, let me share some interesting facts and myths about natural redheads that you may find entertaining: We are incredibly rare - less than 2% of the population are natural redheads, and the rarest of all are blue-eyed redheads like myself, accounting for less than 0.25% of the population. According to a sex research study, we have sex 50% more frequently than blondes or brunettes (haha, perhaps that explains why we excel at it ;)). Since we cannot tan, we produce our own Vitamin D internally in low-light conditions - isn't that fascinating? :) Redheads have more myths surrounding them than any other group. During the Middle Ages, many redheads were believed to be witches, and simply having red hair was enough reason to be burned at the stake - how unjust is that :( Common traits of redheads, such as freckles and moles, were also seen as "marks of the devil" and signs of satanic connections. Satan is often depicted as having red hair because it supposedly symbolizes sexual desire and debauchery, hence the saying "fucking like the devil" often associated with redheads (hehe, can't argue with that one). According to Greek mythology, redheads transform into vampires after death (oh great, looks like I have an eternity of dealing with Twilight - that's even worse than being burned at the stake :p). So, if you're up for a lot of devilishly sexy fun with someone exotic and rare, it seems like I'm the perfect choice for you :) * Practical details * The minimum booking time with me is 1 hour. Discounts are available for bookings of 3+ hours. Just let me know how long you'd like to spend together and which services you'd like included, and I can provide you with a price for multi-hour bookings. For bookings of 4 hours or more, I kindly request that food be included (breakfast/lunch/dinner/afternoon tea/room service/cosy snack in bed/...) because this girl gets hungry, and you wouldn't want her to mistake your sausage ;). A deposit is necessary to secure the booking. This deposit is non-refundable if you cancel. However, if you need to reschedule and provide 48 hours' notice, the deposit will be applied to the new booking. In the unlikely event that I need to cancel, you will receive a refund of your deposit :) All services are offered at my discretion and are dependent on your good manners and mutual respect. Treat me well, and you will receive the very best from me.

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