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Please take a moment to peruse my profile.



Published on 24 Mar 2024

Name Celeste Sky 0
Gender Female
Age 50y
Nationality 🇦🇺 Aussie

Please take a moment to read my profile. Greetings, distinguished individuals. I am pleased to have captured your attention. Thank you for reaching this point. Allow me to begin by saving us valuable time. Authentic and meaningful human connections hold great importance to me. However, this does not imply that I am inexpensive or crude. I possess a spiritual, sensual nature and I enjoy engaging in artistic endeavors, seeking more than just a sterile business transaction. I desire to derive as much satisfaction from the experience as you do. My goal is to cultivate long-lasting, intimate friendships where we can share emotions and feelings, albeit at a price, but with a mutually beneficial return on investment. The first quality I seek in a potential companion for an evening is their ability to comprehend and appreciate what I offer. Therefore, if you wish to capture my attention, your initial message should not consist of "are you available," "I want to have sex with you," or a simple "hi." If that is the content of your message, please be aware that you will not receive a response and will be blocked. I will only reply to a message that begins with something along the lines of "hi Celeste, I have read your profile..." and proceeds to explain who you are and what you desire. This will be sufficient to catch my attention. I am a mature woman who takes pleasure in exploring sexual delights and forming genuine connections on a human level. I am a creatively inclined individual in various aspects, who enjoys embracing vulnerability both internally and externally. Additionally, I possess an open mind and a caring nature towards others. One of my greatest joys is to bring pleasure, and if I can trust you, I am willing to follow your lead and fulfill your fantasies and desires. I also have a penchant for performing, thus I am open to exploring new roles. I take pride in my appearance and take excellent care of myself, both physically and mentally. This extends to valuing discretion, which is a quality I hold in high regard. I respect the fact that we are all unique individuals, and I trust that anyone I spend time with will treat me with the same level of respect. I appreciate partners who prioritize their health and hygiene, essentially embodying the qualities of a true gentleman. If you find yourself intrigued by what you see, feel free to send me a text message, and let us embark on an extraordinary journey together. For first-time clients, I exclusively offer outcall services to hotels (four stars and above) for safety reasons. I eagerly anticipate our encounter and the opportunity to forge a sensual connection with you, indulging in a magical moment. Safe sex is non-negotiable. No anal or rough intercourse. :)

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