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šŸ‡®šŸ‡¹ Italian Escorts in Perth: 422741776 - Perth's Top-notch Adventure
šŸ‡®šŸ‡¹ Italian Escorts in Perth: 422741776 - Perth's Top-notch Adventure

Perth's Top-notch Adventure



Published on 28 Apr 2024

Gender Female
Age 25y
Nationality šŸ‡®šŸ‡¹ Italian

Perth's Finest Encounter Let's embark on a journey of life's delights together. My name is Daniel Cruze, a male companion for women and couples based in Perth, Western Australia. Sophisticated, passionate, and always a gentleman. It's my ability to provide unparalleled satisfaction that will keep you coming back for more. Whether it's the simplicity of companionship, the indulgence of sensual and intimate massages, the charm of shared dinner dates, or the excitement and luxurious pampering of overnight stays, I cater to each with a touch of sophistication and an aura of intrigue. The comprehensive 'complete service' I offer is the epitome of the ultimate boyfriend experience, designed to surpass expectations. Born in Australia with Italian heritage, I bring a fusion of cultural diversity and worldly refinement to every encounter. It's not just about the connection; it's about creating an experience that resonates on a deeper level. My approach? Subtle yet self-assured, ensuring comfort while igniting an undeniable chemistry. Maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle plays a vital role in my life, keeping my mind sharp and my body in peak condition. This ensures that I am always prepared to meet the demands of any experience. My physique ā€“ bronzed, toned, athletic, with broad shoulders, a well-built back, firm hands, and that classic V-shape ā€“ is a physical manifestation of this dedication. Discretion and respect are not mere words; they are the foundation of everything I do. I am not just any companion; I am the one who understands your desire for a deeper, more gratifying encounter. As a man who knows how to deliver a range of pleasures, I am ready to take you on a journey that is both intoxicating and profoundly satisfying. Allow me to fulfill your desires and more. Here is a brief overview of the services I offer. __________________________________________Simple Companionship: Perfect for those seeking a genuine and warm connection. With me, you will find a relaxed and attentive partner, ready to engage in stimulating conversation, share laughter, and create a comfortable, soothing ambiance. 1 hour - $250 1.5 hours - $400 2 hours - $500 __________________________________________Sensual & Erotic Massage: A fusion of skilled touch and sensuality, designed to relax and arouse. My massages go beyond physical relief; they are a journey of sensory exploration, where every stroke is tailored to your pleasure. 1 hour - $350 1.5 hours - $500 2 hours - $600 __________________________________________Complete Service: A comprehensive experience crafted to fulfill all your desires. Here, the focus is on your complete satisfaction, with every aspect of our time together customized to your preferences and fantasies. 1.5 hours - $500 2 hours - $750 3 hours - $1000 Please note: I do not provide sexual services to men. __________________________________________Couples Experiences: Perfect for couples seeking to explore new dimensions of their relationship. I am experienced in navigating these dynamics with sensitivity and openness, ensuring everyone feels comfortable and engaged. 1.5 hours - $600 2 hours - $1000 3 hours - $1200 __________________________________________Voyeurism & Cuckolding: For those who derive pleasure from watching, these experiences are crafted with discretion and respect. I understand the intricacies of these desires and cater to them with a keen understanding of boundaries and consent. 1 hour - $750 1.5 hours - $1250 2 hours - $1500 __________________________________________Dinner Dates: Experience the delight of fine dining with someone who appreciates the art of conversation and connection. Whether it's a cozy bistro or an upscale restaurant, our time together will be filled with delightful interaction and shared experiences. 3 hours - $1000 4 hours - $1250 __________________________________________Overnight Stays: Ideal for a more extended and in-depth exploration of companionship. We can create a mini-holiday experience, filled with intimacy, adventure, and relaxation, all in the comfort of each other's presence. 12 hours - $2500 24 hours - $3500 48 hours - $5000 Each service is designed to provide a unique and fulfilling experience, tailored to your specific desires and fantasies. With me, your satisfaction is the utmost priority. __________________________________________ CONTACT ETIQUETTE Please send me a text message or email including your name, preferred date/time, desired experience, as well as any additional details or inquiries you may have. Absolute confidentiality is guaranteed. Mobile: 0422 741 776 Email: mrcruzevip@gmail.com OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/mrcruzevip Simply yours, Daniel Cruze

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