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๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ Aussie Escorts in Melbourne: 493406875 - Feisty Amazon. Grown-up, Healthy, Amiable & Enjoyable

Feisty Amazon. Grown-up, Healthy, Amiable & Enjoyable



Published on 30 May 2024

Name Elsa Fox 0
Gender Female
Age 40y
Nationality ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ Aussie

Bold Adventurer. Experienced, Toned, Amiable & Enjoyable *LOCATED IN SYDNEY* Please send a message or subscribe to my tours for updates when I'm in your vicinity xxxooo Age: 48 Appearance: 38 Vibe: 28 I'm delighted that I caught your attention xo To depict myself 'The Physical' Standing at 181cm I am always the most towering lady in the room with never-ending legs. I am completely content and self-assured in my own body and my smile will illuminate the room. Fitness is a significant part of my life, jogging/gym/boxing... I am always brimming with energy! I am impeccably dressed for any occasion that arises. At home, you will find me in activewear or a seductive sundress. 'The Social' I am the Adaptable Queen, meaning I effortlessly blend into any situation. Whether it's a fun outing watching your favorite football team, a day at the races, a winery tour through the Yarra Valley, or an intimate dinner for two, you can trust that I will bring the perfect amount of liveliness and conversation (and flirting!) to the occasion. My background is in modeling/promotions (think Southern Comfort/Pitt Girl) and beauty. 'The Intimate' I am completely guided by your desires and what you seek from our time together. We can chat, we can flirt, sensually kiss. We can go further, much much further. I would love to intimately connect with you, discover what excites you, what makes you tick. I have an incredible memory of what arouses you, so I can bring pleasure to you time and time again. I prefer as much advance notice as possible for bookings and FMTY as I receive numerous messages daily, however, on occasion, short notice can be accommodated. Please send your initial message with the following details: * preferred date *time *duration * location, once I receive this, you will promptly receive a reply. Once agreed, a DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED, either through bank transfer, pay id, or beemit:) I am very easygoing and approachable. Looking forward to hearing from you Elsa xo

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