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Alice in the Enchanted Land


Sydney | CBD (Sydney)

Published on 30 Mar 2024

Name Alice Angel 0
Gender Female
Age 30y
Nationality 🇦🇺 Aussie

Alice in Wonderland This is the moment you've been eagerly anticipating. Our reservation is set for 7pm, but we decide to meet earlier to become acquainted in the hotel suite. We have the entire night ahead of us, so why not begin and end it here? Although I greet you with composure and self-assurance, I can't help but blush when you compliment me upon arrival. We uncork a bottle of red wine and raise our glasses to the extraordinary evening that awaits us. You're already looking forward to waking up beside me, and as our eyes meet, you become captivated by the way they transition from hazel to green under the moonlit sky. When our gaze breaks, you naturally begin to admire my delicate features; the charming curve of my lips when I smile, and my flushed cheeks, tinged by the wine. My long, golden hair guides your eyes downward to my ample C cup breasts, then to my hourglass figure, and all the way down to my slender legs. We both feel the magnetic pull of attraction, and suddenly, you're tempted to skip dinner and take me straight to bed. However, we resist the urge - we know we'll need the energy. As we take our seats at the table, you sense that every man in the room envies you. We exchange a knowing smile and settle into our conversation. Initially, you'll be charmed by my accent and my ability to effortlessly keep the conversation flowing. As we become more acquainted, you'll start to feel at ease with me. You'll discover that I'm down-to-earth and genuinely curious, eager to learn all about you. As an empathetic person, my priority is ensuring your well-being in every moment. I naturally strive to fulfill your needs and desires. Establishing a genuine connection is of utmost importance to me, and I'm confident that this connection will lay the groundwork for an incredible intimacy. I'm open-minded and an attentive listener, so you can always feel comfortable in my presence. I've also been told that I'm quick-witted and possess a great sense of humor. I delight in playfulness, exploration, and indulging in pleasure - won't you join me? Let's create enduring memories together, Alice

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