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Adorable, mischievous, attractive mother, enjoyable, alluring



Published on 19 Mar 2024

Name Cuddles @ Tiffanys
Gender Female
Age 31y
Nationality 🇦🇺 Aussie

Cuddles at Tiffany's Looking for an escort who genuinely enjoys their profession? Someone who is down to earth, easy to connect with, humorous, adorable, and a little mischievous? Then search no further. I am sensual and nurturing, kind and thoughtful. It's no coincidence that I have spent most of my life taking care of others. It's simply my talent. Allow me to embrace you and take care of you. Let's engage in conversation about anything and everything while I hold you close or gently massage your back. Delight in my voluptuous figure, caress me, and kiss my neck - a truly sensual girlfriend experience with all the extras. I absolutely adore being paid to be naughty; it makes me feel like a rebellious girl, and I absolutely love it. I will passionately pleasure you, enjoying various positions, including doggie style and more. Since I do not have a location, I am more than happy to meet you at your hotel room. Alternatively, I can arrange a hotel room for us. Deposits are required. Meeting you at your hotel? A $50 deposit is necessary to cover fuel expenses. A minimum of one hour is required. Need me to secure the room? A $200 deposit is required to cover the room and fuel expenses. A minimum of one hour is required. I offer a monthly newsletter that you can join to stay updated on my availability, life updates, exclusive photo shoot previews, and more. Get in touch to be added to the mailing list. FULL SERVICE 1 hour - $350 2 hours - $650 3 hours - $950 4 hours - $1250 6 hours - $1850 12 hours - $3200 24 hours - $6500 48 hours - $12000 Add social time or cuddle time only for $150 per hour Only protected services, condoms provided Package deals save you money! Lunch/Dinner date - 2 hours social + 2 hours private - $800 + expenses (let's avoid fancy restaurants where the menu is hard to understand; instead, let's grab a casual meal at a pub or order some fast food) If you prefer, we can even have playtime first and then go out to satisfy our ravenous appetites. Day rate - $2000 + expenses - 10am to 8pm - 10 hours in total - includes 6 hours of social time + 4 hours of private time (you will need to provide meals during this period lol) This allows us more time for activities; I'm always open to new experiences, whether it's laser tag, arcade gaming, jet skiing, or anything else you can think of! Together, we can customize our day, whether it's playing first and then engaging in activities or vice versa, depending on your preferences and the planned activities. Overnight - $1800 + expenses - 8pm to 10am - 14 hours in total - includes 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep, 4 hours of social time, and 4 hours of private time (you will need to provide meals during this period lol). Let's enjoy everything life has to offer together, whether it's visiting an exhibition, watching a movie, or something similar, before returning to the hotel room for cuddles and more. We'll wake up together and can have breakfast and/or one last round of play before parting ways. DEPOSIT REQUIRED! If I am meeting you at your hotel room, a $50 deposit is required to cover fuel expenses. If you need me to secure the hotel room, the deposit is $200. This is to ensure that I am not left covering the costs of fuel and the hotel if you fail to show up. Deposits are non-refundable, as these expenses still need to be covered even if you change your mind or have an emergency. Disability-friendly, especially for ADHD and Autism. No discrimination based on race, religion, color, size, age (only 18+ of course), or anything else. Just be respectful, and we will have a great time. 0466 695 468

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